The new video has arrived!

Harry’s Friends: The Great Global Greyhound Walk in York (2018)

Here it is… the new video from Team Pointy in York!  It’s called “Harry’s Friends” and maybe (if you look closely) you’ll spot your greyhound in there somewhere… plus there’s tons more furry faces as the credits roll, so keep watching to the end.

The short video covers the huge, record breaking 2018 walk and also a little about the work of Candy Cane Rescue.  All in all, it’s a great reminder of the day we met Harry at the Great Global Greyhound Walk in York.

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The Great Global Greyhound Walk Returns

Our next regular walk will be on Sunday 3rd June (at the same time and place as always) and it looks like it will be a practice run for The Big One!

That’s right… the very next week we’ll all be back at the Fulford Arms at 10:30am for the Great Global Greyhound Walk and, this year, we’re looking to smash all previous records with the biggest walk ever!  Please save the date (Sunday 10th June) and pass the news along to everyone you know.  Check out the short promo video below which features footage from last year’s walk and share, share, share!

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re a greyhound owner or not… we’d love to see you! The Great Global Greyhound Walk is a wonderful opportunity to meet these wonderful, gentle dogs and for us to show you what great pets they make.

And, if you can’t make it to York on Sunday 10th June, there’ll be a walk somewhere on the planet near you!

So what’s happening in June??

As many of you will know if you have got as far as this website, we have a monthly sight hound meet up on the first Sunday of every month. The next one is Sunday 3rd June.

As many of you will also know, York throws itself into the Great Global Greyhound Walk! This year it is happening on 10th June. The theme this year is ‘Fall in love with a greyhound’.

I can hear many of you wondering whether we are having two walks in two weeks?

The answer is yes! Not everyone can get to the GGGW so we don’t want you to miss out on your usual monthly walk and so will be meeting as usual on 3rd.

See you there!


Celebrate ‘Dog Day’ with us this weekend (5th November)

Kukir Tihar is the Nepalise Hindu celebration of dogs (part of Diwali) when dogs are garlanded with marigolds and offered treats in thanks for their friendship. You can imagine Team Pointy love this idea so come to the walk this Sunday (10.30 for an 11 o’clock start) and we will give your dog one of our home-made marigold garlands (and treats!).

Fulford Arms, Fulford Rd, York, YO10 4EX

The BIG One! Sunday 11th June.

It’s back! The Great Global Greyhound Walk returns to York on Sunday 11th June.

Join us at the Fulford Arms pub on Fulford Road, York from 10:30am for what may well be the biggest Greyhound Walk in the world!

Everyone is welcome. Come along and meet all kinds of Greyhounds and Sighthounds and remember… it doesn’t matter if you’re an owner or not, we would love to meet you and so would all the dogs.

See you there!

Getting Ready for the Big One!

It’s nearly time for the big walk of the year. The Great Global Greyhound Walk sees Greyhound and Sighthound owners walking together at hundreds of locations and in countries all around the planet. The York leg of the Global Greyhound Walk is always one of the best attended events in the world and we’re sure this year will be no exception.

Take a look at the promo video below (and do feel free to share it as widely as you like). You may recognise some of the furry, pointy faces as the video was shot primarily in York and was put together by @TeamPointy for the Great Global Greyhound Walk team.

More details on the Great Global Greyhound Walk in York will follow soon…

White rabbits white rabbits!!

Who can believe that it’s nearly May day (but who’s complaining!!)

This Sunday is our next pointy dog walk which means that we are nearly half way through the year. This in turn means that it’s coming up to the Great Global Greyhound Walk on 19 June!!

We are always on the look out for volunteers to help us on the day and so if you fancy helping behind the scenes, please give us a shout. Otherwise please turn up on the day and help us celebrate all that’s fantastic about having a pointy dog in your life.

This year we are raising money for 112 Carlota Galgos, a rescue based in Spain.

CG logoOne of our walking friends, Helen and her family, recently went to visit the rescue while on a family holiday and this is what she had to say:

‘Having been following 112 Carlota Galgos on Facebook for some time, I just happened to wonder if we were anywhere near them on a recent holiday to Spain. To my amazement we were only half an hour’s drive away, so I contacted them to ask if it would be possible to visit. We (myself, my husband, and 3 children) visited the next afternoon – unsure of what to expect, apart from lots of wonderful galgos!

Initially we met the ‘house dogs’, namely Ambo the ‘Ambassadog’, and Beethoven, as well as a couple of others, some horses and some chickens!

Charlotte was so welcoming and unassuming, happily taking us on a tour of the ‘finca’. We met the wonderful Miracle and Cheyenne, then we moved round to The Orchard.

miracleI was completely stunned by The Orchard. It’s a large, enclosed area with about 6 large wooden summer house type structures. Each ‘house’ has a tiled floor with a drain and around the three internal walls there is a raised platform where each dog has its own soft bed. Each house sleeps around 6 dogs and there is a fenced off gravelled area outside of each of the houses. Generally however, the dogs have free access to The Orchard and are only shut in their houses at night.

finca 1 finca 2There is also a large paddock that the dogs have access to and they are walked regularly along the country lanes.
To see all the galgos (around 30 of them) so happily playing together was a wonderful sight. We spent at least an hour helping out and making friends with all of the beautiful dogs and we could easily have stayed much longer.

I was completely in awe of the amazing set up for the gentle souls – it genuinely brought tears to my eyes.
Charlotte and her band of volunteers give the galgos their total, unconditional love, showing them safety and comfort, and allowing them to begin to trust humans after their often horrendous start in life.

No dog is allowed to go to their forever home until they are completely ready, and needless to say, we wanted to bring them all home.

finca 6Meeting Charlotte, experiencing her tireless dedication, and seeing the amazing and wonderful work she does has left a lasting and deep impression on us all. We left a donation, but we all came away feeling that we want to do more. When I found out that this year’s Great Global Greyhound Walk in York was going to support Charlotte and her galgos I was so happy.

It is incredibly difficult to describe the beauty of the Finca and how it feels to be there, but it truly was an inspiring and humbling place to be. It’s definitely somewhere we want to go back to and help in any way we can. What an amazing place! Please come along to the walk on June 19th and help support a truly worthwhile cause.