Get well soon Patch

Poor Patch will not be joining us for our walk this Sunday as he has suffered a ‘racing round the field’ injury and broken his toe, the big wuss.

The brave furry had to have an anaesthetic and x-ray yesterday, so was no doubt feeling very disorientated and sorry for himself, but hopefully a bit better today and not in too much pain. Even worse than the poorly toe, is the news that he can’t go out for a walk for FOUR WEEKS, so no doubt he will be raring to go by the time the next walk comes round.

Just wanted Patch to know we are thinking of him and hoping he feels better soon. Hopefully his big (or in fact very little) sister, Boo, will be looking after him well while he is recovering.

Tina xxx


Welcome Babe,

the newest member of our York pointy dog clan.

Babe arrived in York today from Greyhound Gap kennels in Stoke, and she is a babe.

She is being fostered by Jane and David so is now foster sister to Dolly and Marv, who will no doubt teach her some bad habits show her the ropes and help her settle in.



Thank you so much….

for the fantastic response to our appeal on behalf of Greyhound Gap for bedding for their kennel dogs. The pointy dog community has done us proud and I now have a second car load of bedding to take to Stoke this weekend. Thanks also for the financial donations made, and gifts of toys and food.

Jane and I went to the kennels last Saturday and it really was heart breaking to see the dogs who are waiting for foster and permanent homes. Hopefully the bedding donations will at least make them a little warmer and more comfortable until they find their forever sofas.


Not daunted by the weather!

A torrential downpour  light shower doesn’t stop the York greyhound and lurcher community!  🙂

Sixteen damp dogs, twenty four damp people and one (fortunately) warm dry baby, braved the downpour on Sunday and despite the soaking, still managed a good walk. It was lovely to see so many new faces; I just hope that the bad weather won’t put you off coming again.

Amazingly this is the first time the rain has dared to fall on our monthly walks. It did probably make up for it though as it was fairly relentless!

It was a shame not to have chance for our drink and more chat afterwards. Hopefully next time it will be a bit less soggy…