The May walk.

Fantastic turnout for the May walk – according to the chief hound counter there were 34 dogs this weekend which is fab. Lots of new faces, paws and tails, so welcome to all who hadn’t been before. We are only sorry that a lot of people/hounds had already left by the time we managed to make it back to the pub so we didn’t get chance to say hello to everyone! Hope all the hounds enjoyed it and will ask to come along again.

Great to see Patch again after his rampaging injury which seems to have settled down. Also lovely to meet Eddison, whose progress since he found his forever sofa, we have been enjoying on the RSPCA Facebook page.

Of course although I did take my camera, I forgot to take it out of the bag (can’t be expected to remember everything!!) To make up for it, here is a pic of the Holgate Hounds taken later in the day…

Next walk will be 3rd June. Also gearing up for ‘the big one’ on 24 June.

Look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Tina x