How lucky were we with the weather today??!!

Glorious sunshine for our August walk and enough time for a shandy and a chat before the biggest, baddest thunder storm and torrential rain EVER!!!

So hope that anyone walking home managed to get back without getting absolutely soaked.

Patch and Nancy chilling after the walk.

According to my calculations there were 31 hounds today (or it might have been 32 or 33 – they just wouldn’t keep still while I was counting!) Anyway it was a great turnout and even though one or two unpointy dogs slipped through the net, (in fact there was one dog who couldn’t disguise the fact that she didn’t really belong), we had a great morning.

Maya the least pointy dog you could find!

See you in September. We will stick with the later start time of 11 am so we can take advantage of the pub being open when we get back.

Tina, Nancy, Buddy and Maya xx (and Steve)

Later start times for walks beginning Sunday 5th August.

With effect from the next walk this Sunday 5th August, we will be meeting at the slightly later time of 10.30 and leaving the Fulford Arms at 11.00. The pub should then be open when we get back at the end of the walk for those who want to order a drink or snack. This Sunday is the Jane Tomlinson Run for All, the route for which goes down the river. Hopefully the later start time means we will avoid this, although the traffic will probably be slightly busier than normal.

See you Sunday!