The roll neck sweater gang.

Now that we know how to post photos in the blog, couldn’t resist showing this photo of Buddy, Nancy, Marvyn and Dolly, modelling their very gorgeous hand knitted roll necks, made specially for them by their Nanny Abbott.

Anyone interested in purchasing a similarly lovely pullover for their hounds, with all proceeds going to the Greyhound Gap charity, please let me know. (I am also wearing my rather lovely Catherine Abbott hand knitted cardigan, poor Steve must have felt quite left out (or relieved!))

37 thoughts on “The roll neck sweater gang.

  1. These coats are the business, think Ladybord books, think 1950s polo necks, think the kind of jumper your nan used to knit that, although you didn’t know it at the time, was the best jumper ever. Tina’s mum is a hero to do these for Gap.


    • Hi Elkie if you would like a jumper they are £18 and all the proceeds go to Greyhound Gap. Are you based in York?

  2. Hi there, are this umpers still available. I’m not based in York but happy to pay postage costs. I’ve just found your site as we’ve recently homed a retired greyhound. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi there

      Yes the jumpers are still available at the moment but it might be a while before one is ready as mum who knits them is in the middle of a patchwork blanket with pictures of greyhounds on it!

      Also the price has gone up a bit to £22 plus postage because the cost of the wool is more than it used to be.
      Let me know if you are still interested.

      Hope your hound is settling well, they make the most gorgeous pets don’t they?



      • Hi Tina
        I have been searching for a Lurcher jumper for my 2 year old rescue Lurcher.
        I apreciate the post I was looking at was a few years back, but is your Mum still making jumpers please?.
        I am based in Swindon Wiltshire so the item would need to be posted to me so postage would need to be added.
        Thanks in advance
        Kindest regards
        Lauraine Lawrence

        • Hi there
          Sorry I have only just seen your message about the jumpers.
          I’m sure it’s too late now but unfortunately my mum doesn’t make them any longer.
          Sorry not to reply at the time!
          Kind regards
          Tina x

  3. oooh yes, I’d love one…..preferably a creamy or beigey coloured one if possible. More than happy to pay the price increase…they look really snuggly and my boy definitely feels the cold! We are looving having him around…he was actually one of our own racers so even more special. cat detraining is a particularly fun (?) experience at the moment. Anyway, please let em know where/how to send payment and thank you 🙂

  4. Hi there I was wondering how I go about ordering a jumper from you for my whippet x greyhound


  5. Hi, I REALLY need a sweater for my big lad (Fraser) for a camping trip on the 27th Aug. I know its last minute but is there any chance I might be able to get hold of a jumper or a fleece to keep him warm at night? Many thanks, Maria. Oh ps. Im in Warrington Cheshire.

    • Hello Jen, I think Tina’s mum is still making these but they are currently on holiday in Northumbria. Will ask Tina to reply when she gets back 🙂


  6. hello, these sweaters are beautiful! Would you mind dropping me an e-mail if i can order one for our greyhound bowlby? Thanks!

  7. Hi
    I’ve been looking for a sweater for my rescue lurcher, Sam, as it’s his first winter with us. These are stunning and are just what I’ve been after. The fact they are proceeds to charity makes it perfect.
    Is the Nanny Abbott production line still operating?

  8. Hi.. I would love to buy one of your lurcher coats.. Our dog is slightly stockier than a whippet Bedlington cross and has a very bare tummy so gets cold in the winter. He measures 23 inches from base of neck to tail. Would it be possible to have a coat made for him?
    Manly thanks,

  9. Heloooo!

    I would really love to get a jumper for my Lurcher this Christmas! I was wondering if you have any in Pink/Hot Pink? and if you could possibly send it to South Wales?

    gwen xxx

    • Sorry I forgot to add details about my dog…..

      My Molly, is a Lurcher with slightly long blonde hair, but doesnt have an under coat, due to being badly treated as a puppy. This is our first Christmas with her, so we dont want her getting cold!

      She is 26 iches from the base of the neck to the the tail.
      Am I too late to order one before Christmas?

      Thank you, Gwen xxx

  10. Hi Tina,

    Please could you email me details about purchasing one of the lovely sweaters?
    They look really warm – just what my lurcher needs!

    Thanks, look forward to hearing from you, Amy

  11. Are these jumpers still available ? Our rescue greyhound is coming to live with us on 8th Feb and these jumpers look fantastic
    Regards Rosemarie

  12. Hi,

    We have just got a new greyhound and wondered if you were still doing the jumpers. We are in York.



    • Hi Louisa
      Sorry not to reply to this I have only just spotted your comment. Unfortunately my mum is no longer well enough to make the jumpers. I’m sure you are sorted out by now with any number of different outfits!
      Tina x

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