Buster’s Easter holiday in Holgate.

So it’s official, you can easily fit three black greyhounds into a terraced house in Holgate.

Buddy, Nancy and friend Buster with SteveBuster from Fulford is staying with York Walkies for his Easter holiday while his mum and dad are in Italy, and he’s being the perfect house guest. Buddy and Nancy love having another dog to share their favourite hobby (lazing around…), and hopefully Buster is also enjoying the company which will make a change from being an only hound.

Walks are a challenge unless there are two of you, no cats or squirrels about, and everyone wants to go in the same direction at the same time!

Getting ready for a walk But they do look beautiful when they are walking out together. A little boy in a pushchair pointed and said ‘horsey’.

There will be a Buster shaped hole in Holgate at the end of the week when he goes home!

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