Celebrate ‘Dog Day’ with us this weekend (5th November)

Kukir Tihar is the Nepalise Hindu celebration of dogs (part of Diwali) when dogs are garlanded with marigolds and offered treats in thanks for their friendship. You can imagine Team Pointy love this idea so come to the walk this Sunday (10.30 for an 11 o’clock start) and we will give your dog one of our home-made marigold garlands (and treats!).

Fulford Arms, Fulford Rd, York, YO10 4EX

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About Jane

Having had rescue greys for a few years now, I organised the first York Great British Greyhound Walk in 2011 with Tina. It was such a success, we decided to carry on and I'm so glad we did - pointy dogs and their owners are really nice people. The rest of my time is spent teaching, doing educational things on the internet, running a small craft company, shouting at the family and wondering what I went upstairs for.

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