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Tina Abbott and Jane Lund started these walks after organising York’s first ‘Great British Greyhound Walk’ event in 2011. A national event, York saw 65 hounds with their humans arrive at the Fulford Arms that day and it was such fun we thought we’d carry on. So, whatever the weather, we and our families (which includes the hounds, of course) meet at The Fulford Arms on the first Sunday of every month.

We’ve organised York’s Great British Greyhound Walk ever since, with 2017 seeing the sixth one in York. In 2014, the number of hounds on the walk rose to 118 and we raised over £1000 for York’s RSPCA Animal Shelter. We’ve fund-raised for Greyhound Gap, Hounds First, Blue Cross Thirsk, Tia Greyhound and Lurcher rescue too, and in 2016 with your help we raised much needed funds for 112 Carlota Galgos a rescue in Spain for the Spanish Galgo.

But Team Pointy grew and Jane and Tina (and partners David and Steve) were joined by Annemarie Dalley, Lee Dallley, Clea Grady, Tom Grady, and then more recently by the wonderful folks behind ‘Hounds of Twitter’, Anna Bonner and her partner Michael, with Ambassadog Max, and Steve White and his partner Claire with their hound Violet.

 If you’d like to get in touch by email or phone, please do, or leave a message below. Our details are:

Tina Abbott: yorkwalkies@gmail.com 07974 757927

Jane Lund: janelund123@gmail.com  01904 340225

12 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi we have got a 7mnth old lurcher x puppy & was wondering how we join your group or do we just turn up for walk on sunday morning

    • Hello Sue, sorry for the delayed reply 🙁 but do please come on the next walk (just turn up in the car park at the back of the Fulford Arms, Fulford Road – drive through the big gateway to the right of the pub).

      I do hope we see you, not least because you have a 7 month old lurcher (ahhhhhhh….)


  2. Just found your website on a photo on Facebook. We live in Scarborough with Jason (whippet) and Eddie our rescue greyhound. Hope to join you for a walk sometime soon, it would be lovely to meet more sighthounds.

    Kind regards
    Lisa and Paul MacGregor

  3. Met a lovely couple at Castle Howard last weekend and they told us about your monthly walks. We have a retired racing greyhound Millie who’s just 6 – we’ve had her a year and would to join you for a walk sometime soon, it would be lovely to meet more sighthounds. Can you confirm the next walk please.

    Merry Christmas to you all and your sighthounds x

    Thanks Helen Philip and Millie

    • Hi Helen

      Sorry I have only just seen your comment!!

      We meet on the first Sunday of every month at 10.30, come rain or shine!

      Kind regards


  4. Hi we have a rescued bull lurcher approx 3 years old. He’s been with us for 7 months and is very reactive with other dogs. We are finding this really isolating and would like to explore the possibility of walking with a group of likeminded lurcher appreciators who won’t be quick to judge him or us.

    • Hi Alyson, do come along, we are a very supportive and understanding bunch. If he super-reactive, and a gathering of dogs would upset him, it might be an idea to wait outside the pub while we all gather in the garden and tag along at the end of the walk as we leave the pub and see how he does. That said, we have a number of regulars who come into the garden with their folks to wait for the start who are also reactive and they just bounce about and shout a bit, so its up to you!

      We usually find that dogs calm down once the walk is under way.

      The next walk is Sunday March 4th anad it will be our ‘wake walk’ (memorial walk) where we remember the dogs we have lost by hanging tags with their names on on our memorial tree along the route.


  5. Hi Jane/Tina,
    I’ve just discovered this and think it’s a lovely idea.

    We have a 3 year old saluki x with a slight reactivity problem. He’s been through a fair bit of behaviour training but he’s not perfect on his lead until he calms down.

    Would love to bring him along to be with his people 🙂 he will love it (after the initial excitement).

    Would the group be ok with this?

    Michelle x

  6. Hi Michelle

    Thanks for your message. Yes please do bring him along!

    We have a few hounds who are a wee bit ‘shouty’ but not loads, so not so that it’s intimidating, and everyone is very friendly and non judgemental. I’m sure he will be fine after the initial excitement. If you think he might be better just following on at the end of the walk rather than being in the enclosed space of the carpark just hang about outside, we set off pretty much bang on 11. Please don’t think I’m telling you not to come into the carpark though…!!

    Look forward to meeting you all.

    Tina x

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