About the walks

We are a group of hound owners who meet on the first Sunday of every month come rain or shine, to walk our dogs, chew the cud and  generally enjoy the company of each other and our hounds.

All sighthounds and their friends are welcome – greyhounds, lurchers, whippets, salukis, deer hounds, pharoah hounds, every which cross and none. (So if you have more than just a sighthound in the family, bring them along too, as honoured guests).

We meet at the Fulford Arms http://www.thefulfordarms.co.uk/ at 10.30 am for a 11.00 start. We walk from the pub down to the north bank of the River Ouse in York, over the Foss footbridge, then up to and over Skeldergate bridge, along the south bank, over the Millenium bridge then back to the Fulford Arms, where we can chat a bit more and have a cup of tea. We sometimes give out sausages and treats to the hounds, but rarely to the people!

The walk route has recently been adapted to make sure that there are no stairs so it is suitable for older hounds, push chairs and anyone (two legs or four!) with limited mobility.

We go at a gentle pace and the walk takes about an hour.

Dates of 2018 walks:

  • 1st April
  • 6th May
  • 3rd June
  • 10th June – the Great Global Greyhound Walk 2018!
  • 1st July
  • 5th August
  • 2nd September
  • 6th October
  • 4th November
  • 2nd December (the Christmas special!)

Our post walk collection

In 2014 we began the Hope for Honey campaign asking our walkers to make a voluntary contribution after the walk into the Honey Pot 🙂

Honey was a beautiful 14 year old greyhound girl who was suddenly ‘orphaned’ in October 2014 when her owner died and no family members were able to care for her. A forever family was found for her with friends of Team Pointy and she went to live happily in West Yorkshire. Our collection was to pay towards Honey’s upkeep.

Sadly Honey died in summer 2016 but we carried on our monthly collections and are proud to donate money each year to a different sight hound rescue or charity. So, if a silver pot arrives in front of your nose with an apologetic smile this is what it’s about, but please don’t feel you must donate, it’s not compulsory.

Gorgeous pic of Honey

19 thoughts on “About the walks

  1. Today was our first time & though our Rory ( 2 & a half year old whippet X ) wasn’t too sure about all the others at first , he soon got into his stride & enjoyed being part of the pack . Lots of nice dogs & very friendly people . If you are wondering whether to join in – don’t hesitate . Many thanks to the organisers .

    • Hi Wendy

      I’ve only just seen your post so sorry for the delayed reply. I’m so glad you and Rory enjoyed your first walk this time. Hope to see you on Sunday with your tinsel and a bit of festive cheer!!

      Tina x

  2. Dear Tina,
    We came to our first Greyhound and Lurcher walk with Max (Our Lurcher boy and Frankie (our German Shepherd x girl). they both made lots of friends
    We had a wonderful time meeting everyone and all the wonderful dogs,

    Pleez could you add us onto your mailing list.
    Hope to see you in December…

    Best wishes

    Andrea, Paul Max and Frankie

  3. Just to say we had a lovely first walk with you all. Everyone was so friendly and so many delightful dogs. Rusty was tired out with all the socializing and snored all the way back to Harrogate. We are all looking forward to the next walk.
    Best wishes Jacqui

  4. i come to the summer gala/walk every year and win some lovely prizes lovely pointy people my whippets love it sadly cant be here this year as ive family coming over for fathers day lunch. see you all nxt year!

    • Hi Nick
      So sorry I have only just seen your comment.
      We meet on the first Sunday of every month come rain or shine and set off at 11.
      Hope to see you and Fox again!
      Tina x

    • Yes there was Gayle! Sorry I have only just seen your message. Reply is only 15 months too late…
      We meet on the first Sunday of every month rain or shine.
      Sorry not to reply to your message x

  5. Are you still doing these in 2017. We have a galgo that can be barky with other dogs and would love to try a walk with lots of company.

    • Hi Joe, walks are still going ahead rain or shine!
      Apologies for not replying to your message I didn’t receive a notification about it for some reason.
      Tina x

  6. i missed the big walk last year and i can t wait for this one with my 2 whippets and min pinscher he has a pointy nose but not a hound!!

  7. I am a total newbe to Greyhound walks and wonder if it would be ok to bring my two lummoxes ( Colin and Nollaig aka Gaz & Lecky) along. The Nollster is a 3/4 coursing Whippet x working sheepdog and Colin is a Galgo Zaragozo. Both have more baggage than a cruise liner and both desperately need to meet other sighthounds and learn that not all of them will duff them up, steal their food and generally give them a hard time. Nollaig came from a situation of extreme cruelty and Colin was found in a crusher just in the nick of time – both have been to hell and back so I expect a little ruckus to start with. Neither of them a nasty, just fearful of new situations, different dogs and new people. Will we be welcome please?

    • Hi Ulrika
      I have only just seen your message, so sorry!!
      Yes bring your boys along please, we would love to see them on the walks.
      Kind regards
      Tina x

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